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Agile Project Management Dubai and Africa

Exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes our clients and us successful. We manage your projects and all expectations. We help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity. Our agile project and innovation management guides your digital transformation journey towards customer centricity and enables new business models.



Consumer Services and Business Process Audit Dubai and Africa

For VoIP, high speed data, IPTV/OTT/DVB-x and digital video, 3G/4G/5G mobile. Understand the as-is state, identify your gaps, and let us help to refine the to-be state. Our comprehensive audit services covers:

  • Business and operations processes

  • System architecture and technology

  • IT and cyber security

  • Services and product offerings

  • End consumer proposition

Our methodology used TM Forum Frameworx and ITIL Service processes as matrix and other best practice methodologies.



Innovation Management Dubai and Africa

Reality in innovative workplaces is not down to one person with one idea – it’s a team effort and continuous evolution and ideation. Our way to unleash innovation is assembling teams with individuals having different roles and different primary and secondary strengths valuable and necessary to create game-changing innovative ideas, and ultimately implement innovation equally serving customers, engaged parties within and open ecosystems for new businesses.



Internataional Benchmark Study Dubai and Africa

Operators and service providers around the world are faced with the challenges to deliver services and products into markets that are getting more competitive all the time.

New business models and disruptive innovations turn businesses upside down. 

How do you stand against peers and competition, the known one and the many unknown ones?

Our service covers processes, proposition, technology, strategy and organisation, pricing and market positioning.

business &




Business and Technology Consultancy Dubai and Africa

The premise for our consultancy is always the view "end-to-end".

  • Strategy

  • Business operation processes

  • Content value chain

  • Market and consumer insight

  • Trends and technology developments

  • Standards and regulation

In our view 80% of success relates to implement the right models and 20% remains for IT, technology and networks in order to enable the business model and address needs in the value fabric. 

quality &




Service Quality Assurance Dubai and Africa

Our hands-on mentality and profound network and IT knowledge helps to measure and assess quality of service and quality of experience KPIs in service offerings end-to-end including networks and customer premises.

Combined with our other professional services we report as-is, benchmark you against leading providers, and provide recommendations and enhancements for all aspects: Organisation, strategy, processes, technology and networks, and proposition.



Digital Transformation Service Dubai and Africa

Is your business and undertaking ready for the next wave of digital and customer centric oriented services? How to align CxOs and executives, your strategy with your day-to-day operation and business?

Transformation is a journey everyone needs to undertake and the support from the sponsors and the board is a must. Let us explore together your journey to succeed in the new digital area embracing people, talents and ideas, leadership and business acumen with the opportunity new technology provides.

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